Agile outside of software

Agile can apply outside of the software development environment, too.  My final example to the group illustrates how the City of Portland uses it to manage a sewer system! Several years ago, my colleague Jean Richardson trained the civil engineering staff at the City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services in Scrum. “Portland’s city sewer […]

Responding to a crisis

Agile techniques can also help government teams in short term crisis situations.  Here’s the second example I gave. Tim Nolan is a senior applications manager for Collin County in Texas. “[His] job was in jeopardy. A project had fallen off of his radar, and one day, the elected official who had asked for it called, […]

Agile in government

I work with several government agencies. Recently I was discussing Agile techniques with a group of government project managers. One person said that he’d heard that Agile does not work well in a government environment. Could I describe situations where it was successful? Here is an example of how a formal Agile framework helped a […]