Downloads about Strategy Deployment, Portfolios, Programs, and Projects


  1. Setting Strategic Direction @ PMI-PDX 2016 Conference
  2. Flexible Project Management @ PMI-PDX 2015 Conference
  3. How to Leverage the Fuzzy Front End
  4. How to Rescue Troubled Projects


  1. What Should a PMO Be? – The Sequel
  2. How to Connect Projects to Strategic Objectives
  3. Critical Chain Project Management in Healthcare
  4. Seeking Good Sponsors!
  5. Build an Environment of Accountability
  6. My Management Beliefs
  7. Stop Email Abuse!
  8. Agile vs. Traditional: an Unnecessary War
  9. Communication Techniques for Managing Expectations
  10. Avoid Lightning Bolts by Building Informal Relationships
  11. A Program is Not a Project on Steroids
  12. Carry Projects Through to the Finish Line
  13. Building a Flexibility Toolbox (Part 4/4 of Flexible Projects with Preston Smith)
  14. Creating a Flexible Environment (Part 3/4 of Flexible Projects with Preston Smith)
  15. Enabling a Flexible Team (Part 2/4 of Flexible Projects with Preston Smith)
  16. What Should a Project Management Office (PMO) Be?
  17. Flexible Project Management: Extending Agile Techniques beyond Software Projects (Proceedings of the 2010 PMI Global Congress)
  18. Agile Isn't Just for Software (Part 1/4 of Flexible Projects)
  19. Learn from Projects or Perish
  20. Portfolio Monitoring and Governance (Part 5/5 of Project Portfolio Management: The Art of Saying "No")
  21. Backpacker's Guide to Lightweight Project Management
  22. How to Get Things Done
  23. Adapting Project Management to a Low Maturity Organization (Proceedings of the 2009 PMI Global Congress)
  24. Four Steps to Conquer Lousy Project Meetings
  25. Keeping Your Portfolio Balanced (Part 4/5 of Project Portfolio Management: The Art of Saying "No")
  26. Maximizing the Portfolio (Part 3/5 of Project Portfolio Management: The Art of Saying "No")
  27. Strategic Alignment (Part 2/5 of Project Portfolio Management: The Art of Saying "No")
  28. Decisions When Starting Development of a New Product
  29. Six Steps to Better Delegation
  30. Overview of Project Portfolio Management (Part 1/5 of The Art of Saying "No")
  31. Quality as Delighter
  32. Pre-Mortems:  Hype or Innovation?
  33. Get Your Team on the Bus
  34. This Project Needs a Leader - Now!
  35. Project Portfolio Management: How to Do the Right Projects at the Right Time (Proceedings of the 2008 PMI Global Congress)
  36. Ten Tips to Make Change Work for You
  37. Well Run Projects Are Not Enough
  38. Driving Projects to Successful Completion
  39. Advanced Risk Management
  40. Stuff Happens:  Dealing With Risks
  41. Are Plans Useless?
  42. What Makes Projects Succeed?
  43. How to Sabotage a Project Schedule
  44. Think Like an Investor:  Building a Business Case
  45. Recovering Troubled Projects
  46. Stakeholder Commitment
  47. The Impossible Dream
  48. Project Portfolio Management - The Art of Saying "No"
  49. Estimating
  50. Glance Management
  51. Project Retrospectives
  52. Project Governance Considerations
  53. Navigating the Fuzzy Front End of Product Development
  54. Design Review Best Practices Research
  55. Valuing IT Projects