Make your sausage behind closed doors

You may enjoy eating sausage, but probably less so after you watch the messy process of making it. Similarly, the week to week progress of even successful projects is filled with messy ups, downs, and course corrections. Most high-level stakeholders don’t need to see this normal noise. The project team should take care to not […]

Uninformed sponsors

“Uninformed sponsors – sponsors in name only – are of little help to project managers when obstacles arise.” So says Eric Verzuh, one of my favorite authors on projects. Verzuh continues by citing a study performed within a Fortune 500 corporation. “This study determined that having a known and active sponsor was the number one […]

Be a pragmatist rather than a purist

Be a pragmatist rather than a purist when it comes to management methodologies and frameworks. Such things are means to an end, not ends in themselves. I’ll happily mix and match bits and pieces from different approaches, such as PMBOK and agile, as long as they are effective for the situation I’m in. That’s why […]