Build new skills and transfer them to the workplace with high quality workshops and coaching.


  • Employees increase their capabilities, preparing them for new challenges.
  • Pragmatic learning is applied in the workplace, not left behind in the training room.
  • Encouragement and accountability lead to faster behavior changes.
  • Immediate access to expert level "how-to" help removes roadblocks.

Education and Coaching Services

Synergy delivers high quality workshops that make an immediate difference as soon as participants return to work. Experienced, effective instructors combine academic credentials with relevant real-world experience. Structured coaching helps teams and individuals apply best practices in immediate and pragmatic ways.

Related Resources

  • Structured coaching
  • Speaking
  • On-demand tailored workshops


Strategy and Portfolio Management

  • Aligning Projects and Strategy: Introduction to Portfolios and Programs
  • Portfolio Management: Linking Organizational Strategy to Execution
  • How to Manage Integrated Programs

Communication, Team, and Leadership Skills

  • Tame Cultural Complexity to Improve Team and Project Performance
  • Creating Effective Technical Presentations
  • Communications and Stakeholder Management
  • Managing Project Teams
  • Improve Your Project Leadership Skills

Project Management

  • Executive Briefing on Managing Projects
  • Project Sponsorship
  • Foundations and Best Practices of Project Management
  • Practical Projects for Ordinary People
  • Managing Multiple Projects

Specialized Project Topics

  • Project Performance and Scope Management
  • Construction Contract Management
  • Developing Project Schedules
  • Project Execution and Control
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Integration Management
  • Using Quality Management to Gain a Competitive Edge

Customized Topics

Synergy has extensive expertise in strategy deployment, operational excellence, and enterprise project and program management.  If you don’t see what you want in a standard workshop, contact us about customized training especially for your needs.

What Clients Say

Synergy Professional Services, LLC
I perceive the OGI class (you more specifically) added value to my current level of understanding "portfolio" management and further appreciate the CD of tools which i've both shared and routed to the project/program management team ... Thank you for offering a quality (and much needed) course with direct application. We are fortunate to have such talent in PDX.