Responding to a crisis

Agile techniques can also help government teams in short term crisis situations.  Here’s the second example I gave.

Tim NolanTim Nolan is a senior applications manager for Collin County in Texas. “[His] job was in jeopardy. A project had fallen off of his radar, and one day, the elected official who had asked for it called, expecting it to be complete … “That’s somehow it works in government, though. It’s sort of panic project management where you do it because someone’s screaming at you.” So Nolan, who usually relied on Waterfall project management, turned to Agile. “…“Before, the process was always kind of covert or secret, or was always in someone’s head on what it took to do. But we were sharing this information and dealing with others and there was already immediate collaboration. And that was really good to see, because now I knew I had at least three minds working on this project instead of just one.” (As told in Govloop’s HOW TO SUCCEED AT GOVERNMENT PROJECT MANAGEMENT,

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